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HK Stock Code: 258

The group is a large enterprise group with real estate development as its main business, and also engaged in golf courses, PVC industry and hotels. It is also one of the important shareholders of Chuanhe Group Co., Ltd., a listed company in Hong Kong. At present, the group's main operating base is located in Shanghai.

Tomson Group Logo.png

HK Stock Code: 529

The group is a large enterprise group with real estate development as its main business, and also engaged in golf courses, PVC industry and hotels. It is also one of the important shareholders of Chuanhe Group Co., Ltd., a listed company in Hong Kong. At present, the group's main operating base is located in Shanghai.

SiS International Holding LTD LOGO.png

HK Stock Code: 864

WLP is an investment holding company which controls several group companies (collectively, the “Group”) and operates mainly in Hong Kong. The Group holds properties (with a focus on commercial retail and residential properties) for long-term investment in Hong Kong. Through our subsidiaries, we engage in the business of property investment, principally being the leasing of completed commercial retail and residential properties located in various parts of Hong Kong including Mongkok, Wanchai and Central.

Wing Lee Property Investment Limited.png

HK Stock Code: 994

CT Vision S.L. (International) Holdings Limited was formerly Win Win Way Construction Holdings Ltd., a company principally providing foundation works and ancillary services, as well as general building works in Hong Kong. The company was initially listed on the main board of Hong Kong Exchange on 17th July 2017. On 25th January 2019, CT Vision Investment Limited acquired approximately 51% outstanding shares of the listed company and becomes the controlling shareholder of the listed company.

CT Vision.png

HK Stock Code: 1111

Chong Hing Bank Limited (“Chong Hing Bank”, the “Bank” or “we”) was founded in Hong Kong in 1948. The Bank was listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange of Hong Kong”) in 1994. The Bank and its subsidiaries (including Chong Hing Securities Limited and Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited) offer comprehensive commercial banking and financial services to individual and corporate customers. These services include HKD and foreign currency deposits, credit, foreign exchange, wealth management, investment, securities, insurance and Mandatory Provident Fund.

chong hing bank.png

HK Stock Code: 1259

PFH, a publicly traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, prides itself on enhancing client successhrough diversified business ventures and strong market presence.

prosperous future holdings limited.png
sis mobile.png

HK Stock Code: 1723

From 1995 to 2003, Mobile Phone Direct Selling Centre Limited was principally engaged in sale of mobile phones and mobile phone related products in Central and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. In 2009, Hong Kong Mobile Phone Limited was set up as a business vehicle to take up the business of Mobile Phone Direct Selling Centre Limited. Since late 1990s, the Group started to offer SIM Cards and Top-up Vouchers to customers.

HK Asia holdings limited.png

HK Stock Code: 1775

BExcellent Group Holdings Limited, an investment holding company is a leading provider of private supplementary secondary school education services in Hong Kong. They principally engage in the provision of private supplementary secondary school education services and the operation of private secondary day schools in Hong Kong. They also offer ancillary education services and products targeted at pre-school, kindergarten, primary and secondary school students and individuals pursuing further education/other interest learning and/or personal development. 

Bexcellent Group Holdings Limited.png

HK Stock Code: 2130

CN Logistics International Holdings Limited (CNL) is a well-established international logistics solutions provider with the core business of providing air freight forwarding services in high-end fashion and wine sectors while ranking no. 1 in distribution and logistics in both Hong Kong and China.

CN Logistic.png

HK Stock Code: 6812

Winson Holdings Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 6812) is a reputable company providing premium environmental hygiene services in Hong Kong, which was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 3 June 2020.

Winson Holdings.png

HK Stock Code: 6877

CLSA Premium Limited, an investment holding company, sells healthcare products and other services in Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. The company operates through Healthcare Products and Margin Dealing segments. It also offers leveraged foreign exchange trading, commodity and index trading, leveraged bullion, and other trading services. In addition, the company provides management, and cash dealing services. It serves independent traders, fund managers, professional asset management institutions, financial institutions, foreign trade businesses, and banks. 

CLSA Premium.png

HK Stock Code: 6888

Freetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) Limited has been devoted to the research and promotion of hot-in-place recycling technology that recycles asphalt pavement by 100%. Freetech has formed a unique positioning of “road doctor” and developed into a high-tech company integrating material and technology research, equipment research and manufacturing, engineering, and professionals education. Since the establishment of a wholly-funded subsidiary in Nanjing, Freetech has established branches in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Fuzhou. 

Global link.png

HK Stock Code: 8060

Global link is a high-tech group which engaged in developing telecommunicaton application software, URT video surveillance system solution, URT radio system solution ,intelligence video surveillance system, value-added  telecommunication service system, large-scale call center and board-band telecommunication system and providing creative technology products and intergrated sulotions . 

SZ High Level.png

HK Stock Code: 8113

Hi-Level Technology Ltd. was founded in 2000, headquarter located in Hong Kong and set up subsidiaries respectively in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. Its scope of business are sales & marketing, research and development and technical services. Our business focuses on as an independent design house (IDH), primarily engaged in the sales of electronic components (mainly Is and panels) for consumer electronic products. To provide a wide range of one-stop product design solution such as multimedia players (such as DVD and digital audio players), tablets, set-top boxes, video-imaging devices, CVs, ELAs, Wifi modules and connectors, 3G Tablet, digital cameras, sport cameras, drone cameras, e-Books and wearable devices and so on.


HK Stock Code: 8226

The Group’s business was organised in four continuous operation’s segments namely (i) Securities brokerage, underwriting and placements ; (ii) Money lending; (iii) Securities investment and (iv) Investment in Properties.


HK Stock Code: 8297

The Group is Hong Kong's top shaping and functional underwear retailer with production facilities in both China and Hong Kong. The Group mainly provides a variety of own-brand women's underwear designed with various shaping functions, aiming to achieve a more beautiful appearance.
Including bras and underwear, shaping underwear and support vests. The Group also (1) sells other products without shaping functions, mainly including breast beauty creams, underwear, invisible bras, swimsuits, bust straps, breast pads and waistbands; and (2) provide beauty services.


HK Stock Code: 8337

The Group mainly provides the quality ‘New Roaming’ service under the brand names of China-HK Telecom, Directel and Direct-TX. This service allows the users to access the Internet service via mobile phone in different designated territories with a single SIM card. Combining with Directel-TX APP, the users could make or take long distance calls in Hong Kong and other designated territories easily with the rate lower than standard roaming service. The ‘New Roaming’ service has already covered over 60 countries, and has established local marketing channels in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

HK Stock Code: 8360

Established in 1999, AL Design is an interior design and fit out solutions provider based in Hong Kong. AL Design focused on and specialised in the office segment in Hong Kong. They envisage that their business will continue to grow by solidifying office segment and pursuing and further expanding in the commercial and residential segments.

al group.png


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