Putting ESG Thinking
at the Heart of Your Strategic Growth Decision

THINK ESG is the Sustainability Development arm of Union Services & Registrars Inc. our mission is to assist listed or pre-IPO companies to formulate ESG strategies and follow through with integrated and investment advisory solutions for them to increase profitability, enhance brand value and capture growth opportunities from the global movement against climate change.

Union Services & Registrars Inc is one of the largest approved share registrars defined under the listing rules of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited


We understand most companies want to be sustainable, at the same time they face many obstacles to sustainability efforts. As a sustainability development firm, we aim to assist you to formulate ESG strategies, provide a broad range of ESG solutions services to enhance business value for your business.

Hong Kong ESG Club

Hong Kong ESG Club is an innovative collaboration between NGOs and a commercial firm to leverage each other’s capabilities and strengths to create a wider ESG impact to businesses and organisations.


Strategic Goals Integration

  • Board Level Consulting
  • ESG Reporting
  • Green Project Financing

Cloud-based Reporting Software

  • HKEX & GRI Compliance
  • Corporate ESG Dashboard
  • ESG Big Data & Analytics

ESG Culture & Capacity Building

  • Change Management
  • Organizational Development
  • ESG Training Curriculum

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(852) 3443 6177


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